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Web Links for Ft. Jackson BCT Units

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"Does my soldier's unit have a Facebook page?" is another frequently-asked question on the Ft. Jackson Facebook page...so I'm compiling all the relevant links to basic training units in one place.

PLEASE NOTE: As of November 2013, I will no longer be updating this list. My husband is out of the active-duty Army now, and as a result my information about Army matters will rapidly become out-of-date.  If you find dead links, please search Facebook for new ones.



Families of newly arrived trainees should also see my BCT 101 post.

A note about BCT units: Sometimes a family member will post something like, "My son is in Alpha Co. 1st platoon, where is their Facebook page?" That is NOT enough info to correctly identify the unit! You need the battalion/regiment #.  Every battalion is made up of 6 companies named A-F (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot), and every one of those companies has platoons numbered 1 through whatever. There are nine different Alpha companies at BCT, and 36 different platoons called 1st Platoon! So the more info you have, the quicker you will find your way to the correct page.

Just an FYI:

  • A platoon is about 35-50 soldiers.

  • 4-6 platoons make up a company.

  • 4-6 companies make up a battalion.

  • 5-6 battalions make up a brigade.

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On March 12th, 2012 04:40 pm (UTC), Terry Malaghan commented:
Appreciate you checking on this. We are hoping to see one for 4th Batallion Echo company 2-39. Looks like Alpha has a great site. Thanks for keeping us posted.
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On March 14th, 2012 06:08 pm (UTC), Terry Malaghan commented:
2-39 Echo is up on Facebook!!
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On November 6th, 2012 09:38 pm (UTC), Lanette Davis commented:
Very Helpful
Thank you for taking the time to post this information. It is so helpful to us newbie families. We appreciate it.
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On March 9th, 2013 06:41 pm (UTC), Brittany Holstein commented:
im trying to find out what facebook page my husband is at hes at 1st PLT, Bravo Co. 2-60th INF can anyone help thanks
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On March 9th, 2013 10:08 pm (UTC), wordswoman replied:
Re: Jones
The link to the 2-60Th page is right there in my post. The 2-60th does not have separate pages for each company.
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