Hyacinths (wordswoman) wrote,

Freedom of Speech: A Primer

Because both liberals and conservatives seem to be having trouble understanding this lately, let's spell it out:
  • You are free to express any opinion you wish.
  • Your opponents, even the vilest, are free to do the same.
  • The fact that people may vehemently disagree with your speech and consider you [an immoral hell-bound God-mocker][a hate-mongering narrow-minded bigot] as a result is not "persecution".
  • The fact that your free speech may have consequences--for example, in influencing people to frequent or avoid your business, or inciting lawsuits for libel or slander or discrimination--is not "persecution" either.
  • Your opinion is not the law of the land, no matter how emphatically you express it.
Carry on.
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